Frequently Asked Questions

Sölle Rent

Can I book online when I get a special price or discount according to my accommodation?

Can I book online when I get a special price or discount according to my accommodation?

No. An online booking is binding and can not be combined with special offers (eg. premium partner) or discounts offered by hotels or partners! Sölle Sport can not check for every guest, whether there is a possible discount or cheaper offer elsewhere. If you get a special offer with your hotel or partner (eg. Premium Partner), the hotel or partner is responsible to inform you and give you a voucher (on paper) which you can only redeem by presenting it directly in our rental shops.

What is the family special "Free child rental special"?

All children under the age of 10 get their ski equipment free of charge if both parents hire their skis or snowboard! One child (under the age of 10) will get the ski equipment free of charge if one parent hires their skis or snowboard.

  • Provided the equipment is hired for the same period of time
  • Ski equipment includes skis with sticks (or snowboards), boots and helmet
  • Deposit or protective equipment is not included

Can I book the "Family Special" offer online?

Yes. If you book equipment for an adult (parent) for a desired time period, the price of the rental of a child (under 10 years) will then automatically be changed in your shopping cart to 0 €. This only works with absolutely the same rental period and for the same equipment.

What is included in a rental set?

A rental set includes: skis + boots + poles or snowboard + snowboard boots. The set price is cheaper then borrowing the parts separately (4 * and 5* category). When booking online, make sure to choose ski- or snowboard-set (lower price). If you choose skis and afterwards boots for the same person, the price will be higher then the set price.

If I book the rental equipment online, do I still have to queue in the rental shop?

The main advantage of online booking is that you do not have to do a "checkin" on arrival. In addition your rental equipment will be reserved for you at your chosen pick-up point. Nevertheless, you have will have to try on the boots and possibly change them if the size is not an exact fit. The binding of the skis or snowboard can only be adjusted when the right boots are decided. At the cash desk you will also have to show your booking and payment confirmation and sign the rental agreement. We also make a copy of your passport. The overall rental process will go a bit quicker, but unfortunately you will still loose some time in the rental shop so we can fit you into the best equipment for you. Sölle Sport tries to make the waiting times as fast as possible with adequate and well schooled staff. On very strong arrival days, there can still be some more queueing then hoped for.

Is the choice of the pick-up location important when booking online?

Yes, it is very important! The pick-up location is the rental shop location where the equipment is reserved for you. Before booking online, please check which rental station or ski school meeting point is located nearest to your hotel or accommodation.

  • Tröpolach: In general, the rental station in Tröpolach, directly at the base station of the millennium express, is the rental pick-up location for all guests who have booked accommodation in the valley and drive by car or ski-bus to the Millennium Express base station.
  • Sonnenalpe: Sonnenalpe is the pickup location those guests staying in hotels and accommodations on the mountain, near the Nassfeld Pass.
  • Sonnleitn: Sonnleitn is a smaller rental and ski school station, servicing the hotels Hapimag, Alpenhotel Marcius,Marcius Alpenhäuser, Robinson Club, House Carinthia ...

Can I pick up the booked rental equipment the day before the start of the rental period?

Yes, when you rent for more then one day, you can pick up your rental equipment for the next day from 2.30 pm onwards. I have received a rental voucher which comes with a package that I booked at my accommodation (eg."Skihits for Kids").

Can I pre-reserve the equipment or ski lessons for my child online?

No! Unfortunately it is not possible to make a reservation for rental equipment or courses online. Online, it is only possible to make bookings which are paid immediately and not refundable without cost. If your accommodation gives you a coupon or voucher at a later date, a refund is not possible. So please find out first if your accommodation offers packages including rental or courses, or if the have a special discount for the rental or ski school. Once you have booked online this booking is binding. If you have a voucher from your accommodation, please present it at the rental shop before getting your equipment, so we can confirm what exactly is included in the package.

I have found other prices "online" and do not understand why the prices in the online shop are different?

In recent winters we had collaborations with various online partners. Most of these no longer exist for this winter. Unfortunately, we repeatedly notice that incomplete information and even old prices can be found online. Should you find dubious information please send us an e-mail.

Can I book certain ski/board models?

You can write us your preferences when booking of a 5* or exclusive ski online. If we have this model in our product range, we try to reserve this for you. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to precisely locate the desired ski because it is perhaps already rented out or we might only have a limited stock. In that case we obviously try to reserve a ski of equal category and driving qualities for you.

Can I insure my skis or my snowboard against theft?

In case of theft without supplementary theft coverage, a retention fee is charged: € 500,- for platin ski, 350,- for exclusive ski, 250,- for 5 Star ski or board and 180,- for 4 Star ski or board. We offer 100% coverage for theft without retention fee: 1 day for 5,- each additional day 2,-. This theft coverage can be booked online or can be added later in the rental shop. In case of theft a Police report is always required.

Is wearing a helmet obligatory in Austria?

For children till 14 years, wearing a helmet is obligatory when on the slopes. For safety reasons, we also recommend adults to wear a helmet.

Snow sport school Nassfeld

Where are the three meeting points?

Where are the three meeting points?

  • Sonnenalpe: Meeting point in front of the ski school. The beginner kids are taken by skidoo to a somewhat hidden, protected area for kids near the ski school. The advanced groups are divided according to ability - and off they go!
  • Sonnleitn: Meeting point directly at the ski school, at the beginners area (just under the chairlift) or for experienced skiiers after arrangement at antoher location nearby.
  • Tressdorfer Alm: The location of our central ski school area with the largest children's beginner terrain, our private snowboard training area, several magic carpets and the Bobo Kindergaren. The guests from the Valley have to take the Millennium Express cable car directly up to the second station (calculate at least 30 minutes plus possible queueing time)

I which languages do the lessons take place?

We have ski and snowboard instructors from 11 countries. The group courses are held inGerman - English (if needed). If other languages ​​are required, eg. I, CRO / SLO, PL, NL, CZ / SK, FR, I, RU, ...... We recommend to consider booking private lessons. When multi-lingual instructors are not booked for private lessons, they are also scheduled to conduct mixed-language group courses. Since many lessons are booked only a day before the courses take place and the guests are divided into groups according abilities at the very morning of the course, a group which would be held only  in a particular foreign language, can not be guaranteed.

Where, except directly at the meeting points, can lessons or courses be booked?

At the Tröpolach office, directly at the valley station, we have a ski school booking office, so guests can comfortably book lessons on arrival in the valley. We strongly advice to organise and book group lessons at least one day before the start of the lessons. In Tröpolach we also have our biggest ski rental shop, a sports shop, ski storage facility and a coffee shop. Children group lessons, ski lessons for adults and snowboard lessons can be booked easily online. If you would like to book private lessons, please contact us via e-mail, at least 2 weeks in advance (the earlier the better)

Do the children need a skipass?

Children under 6 years also need their own ski pass, as soon as they have "outgrown" the beginners' area. Our own magic carpet lifts in the beginner's area are free to be used, are included in the group course fee. Once the kids learn to use the poma lift, a special ski pass for each child is required. For kids up to 6 years there is a bambini ski pass. For children 6 till 14 years of age who are complete beginners, will also need a ticket for the ride up the gondola (Millennium Express). Advanced children from age 6 and up, will need a regular ski pass.

Do adults need a ski pass, when trying skiing for the first time?

We offer, as part of the course, a discounted 1-day ski pass for adults, which can only be used on the button lifts near the ski school and the beginner area. (Optionally a cable car ticket for transfer is also available).

All prices in €, all information subject to change without prior notice.